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            Painting robots] [spray painting robot for automatic spray painting or other coating of industrial robots

            Date:2015-05-12    Views:4320

              China developed several models of painting robot and put into use, and achieved good economic results. Mainly by the robot body painting robots, computers and the corresponding control system, hydraulic-driven painting robot also includes a hydraulic oil source, such as pumps, tanks and motors. Use of 5 or 6 DOF articulated structure, there is a large movement of the arm space, and can do complex trajectory, the wrist is generally 2 to 3 degrees of freedom, the flexibility to exercise. More advanced painting robot arm using a flexible wrist, can bend in all directions, can be rotated, its operation is similar to a person's wrist, can be easily inserted into the interior through a small hole workpiece, spraying the inner surface thereof. Painting robots generally use hydraulic drive, with fast action, explosion-proof performance characteristics, can be taught or the number of points are shown to achieve through hands-on teaching. Painting robots are widely used in automotive, instrumentation, electrical appliances, ceramic and other craft production sector.


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