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          CMA (WUHU) Robotics co.,ltd

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             About us 

              CMA (WUHU) Robotics co.,ltd is a Joint-Venture company specialized for painting robots. In 2015, it is established by Anhui Efort Intelligent Equipment co., Ltd and Italty CMA Robotics spa. The company is located in National Robots Industry Park-Wuhu City.


              Anhui Efort Intelligent Equipment co.,ltd is a high-tech enterprise specialized for industry robots, large logistics storage equipment as well as design and manufacture for non-standard production equipment. The company has leaded some important scientific and technological projects of national class, and has accumulated fruitful achievements in robot industry field. CMA Robotics spa is established in 1994, the headquater is located in North Italy Udine City. As the first supplier that has proposed painting robots self-learning function, CMA has a grest influence in italy and european market for furniture, wood, ceramics, sanitary ware, plastic products.



              Though the two forces powerful combination, and with the collection of domestic and foreign latest manufacturing technology as well as mature management experience advantage, it has reached depth development of robotic market-application. CMA (WUHU) has been set up in April 2015,which has formed a complementary product line and introduced advance technology, combining CMA Off-line programm, visual position, self-teaching, seal Atex Characteristic with current tecnicals of EFFORT. At the same time it has intergrated the possesed non-standard and painting experiences of EFORT,providing a whole-line painting system solution. The company is full of technological advantages, and strong development pontention.


              The company is based on the goal of reforcing equipment production industry, with a long-term prospect , ustainable innovation and development.


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